Electrum a 1kW hydrogen powered PEM fuel cell system. Designed for 19''-rack integration in stationary applications such as uninterruptible power supply in telecommunication and off-grid systems.


PEM Fuel Cell System

The PEM fuel cell system is only one component in an UPS or off-grid application. A complete system will also include an overall system control, power conditioning and fuel delivery, to name a few.

Benefit from our experience in designing complete fuel cell systems and ask us for tailored solutions.

A PEM fuel cell is an efficient energy converter. The energy source hydrogen is used to generate electrical energy. Both heat and water are emitted. In order to increase the efficiency even further, it is also possible to use the heat generated.

Remote Monitoring/Service

Remote monitoring service to our customers provides an attractive opportunity to reduce day-to-day operation costs without compromising on service quality and reliable to end users.

balticFuelCells offers various services around the Electrum.  From the integration into your application, up to the operation / monitoring of the operation an experienced and competent team is at your side.

Scalable for individual power demand

To fit a variety of electric power demands Electrum is scalable. The system can easily be connected in parallel to build a highly efficient and reliable power supply.

Combining several modules of the Electrum 1000 is possible. This achieves a higher electrical power. This allows with high electrical power to be operated.

The Electrum 1000 Fuel Cell system is the ideal solution for critical back up power applications. It offers reliable power supply and high system efficiency.

The system‘s core is based on PEM fuel cell stacks from balticFuelCells and provides an output of 1 kW electric power. The module is built with an enclosed and robust housing. An optimized form factor enables easy integration in 19“ systems. The Electrum 1000 uses a fully integrated power management system allowing the customer to monitor and control the system at any given time.


Remote Power
Off-Grid Systems

Fuel cells, often used together with solar panes or wind turbines, have been successfully used to provide power for remote areas and sites. By employing fuel cells grid independency expands up to 100 %.

Backup Power

Backup power on demand, only when needed! Difficult to access sites are provided with sufficient fuel to minimize the need for site visits. Remote system monitoring service guarantees high available and low maintenance effort.

Autarkic Home

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 Electrum 1000-24Electrum 1000-48Electrum 1000-AC
fuel cell typePEM*PEM*PEM*
nominal voltage24 V DC48 V DC
voltage range20.5 - 27.5 V DC40.5 - 55 V DC110 - 230 V AC
electr. current40 A (at nominal power)20 A (at nominal power)4.5 A (at 230 V AC)
operating temperature5 - 45 °C5 - 45 °C5 - 45 °C
efficiency45 % at 1000 W45 % at 1000 W45 % at 1000 W
mediahydrogen 3.0 (dry), ambient airhydrogen 3.0 (dry), ambient airhydrogen 3.0 (dry), ambient air
H2 consumptionappr. 11 sl per minappr. 11 sl per minappr. 11 sl per min
H2 inlet pressure2 - 20 bar2 - 20 bar2 - 20 bar
dimensions (w x h x l)482 mm x 244 mm x 500 mm482 mm x 244 mm x 500 mm482 mm x 244 mm x 500 mm
net weightappr. 15 kgappr. 17 kgappr. 20 kg
response timeimmediateimmediateimmediate

* PEM = Proton Exchange Membrane

The Electrum 1000 is a product innovation of balticFuelCells GmbH

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